Friday, January 14, 2011

A Stranger Storm Playtest

I finally got some gaming in! I was in this Skype game testing out the upcoming LotFP module "A Stranger Storm," and it was awesome.

(Yeah, I totally should have thought more about the title of this blog, since LotFP reads fairly similar to LotBieth, and I'm pretty sure Jim's got precedence in his blog creation.)


A Stranger Storm sounds like it's going to be a really nice intro module for DMs. It's certainly a departure from the sandboxy modules like Keep on the Borderlands, a bit more linear, with clearly defined choice moments. In retrospect, a reskinned version of the adventure might actually fit well into something like Dark Heresy! But that said, it helps the DM construct a campaign built around a very fundamental idea which I really approve of - the actions of the PCs matter. Like the earlier "Death Frost Doom," this is an adventure which leads to consequences. Perhaps not as...severe as those which can show up in DFD, but major and significant nonetheless.

There's more I could say, but there's another group of players who still need to playtest the adventure, so I shall be circumspect.

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