Monday, August 1, 2011

ConstantCon, Gaming Session #2

So as my last post suggested, I'm going to be running games in Legacy of the Bieth over Google+ now.

This was the description I gave of the game at D&DWPS:

The setting aims for one part standard D&D tropes, one part spaghetti western, and one part post-apocalypse rebuilding. "When life meant little, death sometimes had its price. That was when the bounty killers appeared." Feel free to contact me at allandaros at gmail dot com.
That's what I aspire to. It takes some work - I'm improving my skills as a DM and my skills as a world creator as the progress goes on. Whether it's things like taking out the cool path magic system I had first tried (cool, flavorful, but far too fiddly) or realizing that I needed to give starting characters hooks to let the world feel full and explorable, the game is an ongoing process.

That's where the fun comes in, after all.

I'm planning on running another session of Legacy of the Bieth over Google+ on Saturday, August 13, at 9 PM EST / 1 AM GMT. The hangout will start at 8:30 to allow folks time to get in. If you see this and are interested, ping me an email at allandaros at gmail dot com and I'll add you in on Google+.

For character creation and basic setting info, you can check here and make a 3rd level AD&D character (until I get my act together and put my custom ruleset together from LotFP and ACKS and AD&D and whatnot). If you don't feel like reading the setting intro, just show up with the bare bones for a D&D character - the traditional six stats (rolled on 4d6 drop lowest), a race, a class, and a name.

I'm looking forward to seeing folks then!

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