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These are the character generation rules for Legacy of the Bieth games. This is largely the same as Zak's char creation rules (here) but with my own tweaks.

1. There are methods of character generation, disaggregated by associated bragging rights, choose whichever you want...

A) ("First character" rules): Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest die, and assign to the 6 stats.
B) ("Veteran" rules): Roll 3d6 for each stat, assign as you please.
C) ("Badass" rules): Roll 3d6, in order.

2. Available species: Human (+1 to stat of choice), Half-elf (no stat modifier, 30% resistance to sleep and charm, 60' infravision), Elf (+1 Dex, -1 Con, 90% resistance to sleep and charm, 60' infravision), Dwarf (+1 Con, -1 Cha, 60' infravision, increased carrying capability), Hobgoblin (+1 Str, -1 Wis, 60' infravision).

If you want to get crazy with it, any other thing you want so long as it's humanoid, its bonuses and penalties balance and you can convince me it's cool before gametime. Exception: no halflings or gnomes, except if you're bringing a FLAILSNAILS character in from another campaign.

3. We use the Lamentations of the Flame Princess system for a lot of the mechanics, starting with the stats. Like if you have a 12 or 13 in a stat, you're +1 to things associated with that stat, if you have an 8 or 9, that's -1, 6 or 7 is -2, etc. Write the number next to the stat. That same link will tell you where your base melee mod, damage mod, missile mod, ac mod, save mod and con mod are. Or just ask me and I can hook you up.

4. Classes available are Ranger, Paladin, Cleric, Druid, Thief, Wizard, and Fighter. Feel free to reskin them. Once you pick a class, write down the attack bonus and save mods for your class from OSRIC. I am theoretically open to other classes like Assassin and Illusionist and whatnot but we need to figure out how they work using LotFP's skill system. Talk with me about it.

5. You do not start at first level with maximum hit points. If your con penalty is such that you'd get 0 or fewer hit points, take d4.

6. Thieves assign skill points as per LotFP's rules.

7. Get the trappings for your profession as listed below.

Fighter: Chainmail, hand weapon and shield OR two-handed weapon, light weapon, 3 torches.
Mage: Utilitarian garb OR snazzy robe, staff OR freaky dagger, 20% chance of Bieth artifact (ask me for details)
Cleric: Chainmail, hand weapon and shield OR staff, holy symbol.
Thief: Leather armor, hand weapon, 3 light weapons, rope, grappling hook, backpack.
Ranger: Studded leather armor, hand weapon OR polearm, shortbow, light weapon.
Paladin: Chainmail, hand weapon and shield OR two-handed weapon.
Druid: Leather armor, hand weapon OR staff, light weapon.

8. Figure out what extra equipment you want, note it down within reason. No upgrading beyond banded mail, max of 25 items, and DM gets to review equipment selection before play.

9. Clerics and Druids: Choose or create a deity for your character to worship. Possible gods include:
  • Vorn: Grim grey god of iron and rain
  • Tricaria: horned goddess of mutation and healing
  • Gor: bullheaded god of law
  • The Great Mother: goddess of healing and protection, rival of Tricaria
  • Cult of the White Web: Creepy spider cult
  • Theltrys: spear maiden of law and justice
  • St Xygag: Righteous stiff-necked smiters of evil
  • ...or invent one of your own.
After and only after you have chosen your path, the DM will reveal special spells available to those of your order.

10. If you got spells, note duration, area of effect, etc. They can be from any system you want so long as you're comfortable with me tweaking them. I may use AD&D or LotFP versions of spells, it's idiosyncratic, if my interpretation of a spell totally harshes your buzz we will discuss it before play starts and come to an agreement.

11. You may import old characters from any D&D-derivative (S&W, LL, C&C, 4e, Rolemaster, Tekumel, WFRP, LOTFP, DCC, Harn, Gurps, Pendragon, etc.) into the campaign if you have them, if they were 3rd level (equivalent) or less, and if their stats can be intelligibly rendered in D&D format as a character of the appropriate level for the adventure I'm running. Strip them back to stats and hp, figure out the bonuses and penalties, and transfer them over. Consult me about anything weird or high-powered, we'll negotiate about it.

12. You may want to roll up a backup character or two. When life meant little, death sometimes had its price...

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