Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Away for a Bit

Been a while since I posted - going to be even longer, really, since I'm swamped these days.

So a few recent and cool articles from other blogs!

Patrick over at False Machine has a nice interview on minis sculpting, and a funny film review by Derro. (Spoilers for Winter Soldier.) The minis sculpting interview is particularly good (as have been his prior discussions) because of the solid pictures, and because he takes a look at how aesthetics can be used to illustrate the unity of a culture. Very helpful for thinking on in terms of gaming - I know that Chris has used this to excellent effect in the Hill Cantons, as we've sorted through prior constructions and theorized about the nature of the facilities based on the cues that we've picked up from the architecture and our surroundings.

Jez at Giblet Blizzard has some great art, as usual.
The Eyes of Muad'Dib, Dune Encyclopedia

These orcs? These orcs are frickin' awesome and I will be adapting their horribleness.

Beedo has been posting some good thoughts on approaching dungeon design. This is a rough spot for me, so seeing how other people do it is very helpful, even if I don't wind up following those routes myself. Next time I try making a dungeon, I need to give myself a strict timer and just keep moving, busting out rooms and getting stuff down on paper. The improv can come in during play. That's all right.