Thursday, December 14, 2023

Campaign Stats: First Attempt

"Swordsman with Book" by Evlyn M

"Swordsman with Book,"
by Evlyn M (back her on Patreon!)
Over a recent Discord call, Jenx (player of the doughty Rustam the Relentless) mentioned his fondness for campaign statistics posts, like these two from the Hill Cantons (one, two), or his own (here). I agreed, regretting that it wouldn’t be possible for me to track material like this for Legacy of the Bieth, since I hadn’t kept sufficient notes during each session. But talking with Jenx further, I realized that there were enough notes on Discord for me to calculate some of the relevant stats that the campaign’s had, at least over the (very irregular) two years that I’ve run it over Discord.

Sessions Played: 23 (more or less)
Least Session XP: 0
Greatest Session XP: 4068 per character
Average XP per Session: 608 per character

Total Players: 22
Total Player Characters: 26
Highest Level Achieved: 4
PCs Incapacitated Long-term: 3
PCs Killed: 3
Hirelings Advanced to PCs: 5
“Weird” Classes Played: 2 (Blood Servitor, Lamia)

Going forward, I'm certainly going to try keeping better track of additional stats (including such favorites as "Number of Times Rolled on the Death & Dismemberment Chart" and "Average Hirelings Lost Per Session"). 

How are your campaigns going? Any particular stats that you or your players have been tracking?

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  1. STATS! Yesss!

    Not that I am biased here or anything, hah.

    As far as things to keep track of - I think you've covered the most useful for outsiders ones, beyond that stuff that I've tracked over my games has been magical items found, money spent on carousing (in total), as well as singularly highest value treasure found. In my OD&D game I also tracked numbers and type of enemies defeated, though towards then end it started to break down a bit as we moved into outright wargames.