Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Complete Character Campaign 01: NGR

Blogging has fallen off here at Legacy of the Bieth. (Was it ever on?) But it's for the best of reasons.

Firstly -- I'm continuing to work with the Hydra Cooperative; earlier this month we released Misty Isles of the Eld, something I completely failed to mention here.

Mini-sandbox exploring a planar incursion launched by Lawful Evil Space Elves with a taste for bizarre bureaucracy, biomancy, and Bowie. You know you want to check this out.

Secondly -- my day job has picked up and that's been eating a lot of my time. I haven't had a chance to run Legacy of the Bieth, or any other game, for quite some time.

But honestly I need to get into the habit of writing more, for both Hydra and my day job. I'm figuring that some regular content here might not go amiss.

So: a Bold Plan. I'm going to create characters for every damn one of the RPG core books I have on my bookshelf. I'm going to try for once a week. And I'm going to try to finish up some of the other dangling threads around here (like those Mark of Amber review tidbits from a few years ago.)

First game on the list: Zzarchov Kowolski's Neoclassical Geek Revival

NGR operates under the Schrodinger's Character principle - much of the character's info and abilities are developed during the course of the first adventure played - so I'm only going to create the basics as listed.

Stats are either point-buy or dice-rolls plus a few discretionary points. I strongly prefer random char-gen or else all my fantasy PCs look like elven fighter-mages, so dice rolls it is.

Strength: 10 (d6)
Agility: 13 (+1, d8)
Health: 13 (+1, d8)
Awareness: 12 (+1, d6)
Intelligence: 10 (d6)
Social: 9 (-1, d6)
Luck: 16 (+2, d10)
Spirit: 9 (-1, d6)

Discretionary points were dumped into Strength and Intelligence, bringing those to average from abysmal.

Characters in NGR get to use 3 pie pieces to select their character focus, split amongst the Warrior, Wizard, Rogue, Bard, and Priest pie plates. Since this PC has great luck and good agility, but not particularly great intelligence or social, I'm thinking a hapless thief -- all 3 pieces in rogue, 

Rogue Powers:
1) Specialist (specialty TBD)
2) Parkour!
3) Detect Traps
4) Expert
5) Jack of All Trades

Characters get up to 2 traits; I'm just selecting one -- Arrogant, to reflect this PC's belief in their charmed life.

Arrogant (+2 Influence on successful appeal, epic failure in social conflict = -d10 repeating influence)
Skills: 10 unfilled skill slots, TBD in gameplay.
Equipment: Explorer's Pack (rope, grapnel, light armor, backpack w/ 2 weeks food, wineskin, map, 2 militia weapons and a dagger).
Lucky Number: 13

Combat Modifier: +1
Spellpower: 0
Stealth: +2
Presence: -1
Faith: -1

Luck Points: 10

Obliviously arrogant rogue, always in over their head but doesn't know it...I'm thinking Jackie Chan in Drunken Master.

PS: NGR and two of its supplements, Rampaging Monsters and Hark! A Wizard! are all PWYW until Canada Day - July 1, 2016! So if you like what you see, now's a good time.