Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Magical Items of Sanctuary, Pt 1 of X

Ayaz Bungu - a massive greatspear, with a heavy leaf-shaped blade. Weapon of a fallen mamluk, renowned for his strength. Ayaz Bungu requires a 16+ strength to wield. It deals 2d6+1 damage, requires both hands. On a successful first attack, wielder may make another attack against another enemy in the first or second rank. (Based on an actual mamluk of the Third Crusade, Ayaz the Tall.)

Steel-Weaver - this AC 4 chainmail hauberk is of fine make, but a good bit longer than normal, and will hang a bit baggily off anyone who wears it. Once each day while the wearer is not in combat, the armor will flash a bright electric blue, and the wearer will be healed of 2d6 hp in damage. However, any wounds will be sealed by metal stitches; over time the sealed wounds will gradually come to look and feel like chainmail, and the wearer will lose sensation in the affected areas. Steel-weaver comes with 2d10 charges; once those are used up for a wearer the armor's magic no longer functions for them.

Eye of Piercing - This amulet bears an ornate eye-in-pyramid sigil surrounded by mathematical formulae. The bearer gains infravision (or extends it another 30'), and is immune to the Evil Eye. Once per week, the bearer may fire a ruby ray of energy from their eyes at a given target (d4 damage and -1 to attacks/damage, save vs. wands to avoid). After the amulet has been worn for a week, the bearer's eyes will be yellowed and reptilian, and remain so even if the amulet is lost or removed. After 1d6+1 weeks, the bearer may start to notice scuttling red creatures at the corners of their vision...