Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Awlad-i-Dimagh (Child of the Mind): Troika Background

Axes + Orcs has been tirelessly diving into the Troika design space, creating oodles of backgrounds. He got me inspired to write this up and submit it to the ongoing TroikaJam over at itch.io. It's an update of my original Psychic Warrior class. This feels a bit smoother, at least.

This is available in PDF format over at itch.io, but it's duplicated here for ease of access.

Awlad-i-Dimagh (Child of the Mind)

Original energy arc photo by Blaise Frazier
released under
GNU Free Documentation License

I don’t know if you agreed when the recruiters came. Or when they put you under the knife and started mucking around in your brain. I don’t know what they told you about the powers you’d gain - or what you’d have to do to keep using them.

But I do know that you’re on a deadline now. Using these powers catches up to you. The shakes keep coming faster and faster. And when your ticket’s up, you know what to expect - a flare of pain and horror and power before your light is snuffed forever.

Guess you’ve got some time to kill. (Don’t let these shakes go on…)

  • Tattered Uniform
  • 3 Doses, Psy-Drugs
  • Brass Straw for drinking cerebrospinal fluid
Advanced Skills:
  • 3 Psychic Blade
  • 2 Soldiering
  • 2 Biofeedback
  • 2 Stave Off Inevitable Burnout
  • 1 Memory Leech
  • 1 Spectral Assassin
  • 1 Fight Past the Shakes 
Special: Psy-drugs (expensive), stealing someone’s memories, drinking cerebrospinal fluid, or devouring a sentient’s brain all boost Stave Off Inevitable Burnout. Psy-drugs boost it to 3 and last for a week. Memory leeching boosts it to 4 and lasts for a week. Cerebrospinal fluid or eating a brain boost it to 4 and last for a month.

The Awlad-i-Dimagh Background is an independent production by Humza Kazmi and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.