Thursday, December 20, 2012

Desert Lands In Places Deep; Dungeon Design

Evan's got a nice desert setting blurb up over at In Places Deep, definitely worth checking out.

* * *

I'm still working on putting together a few sites to get the G+ game up and running. For whatever reason, I find the process of stocking a dungeon to be interminable, even when I'm stocking a pre-existing map and not drawing my own dungeon. I could likely wing it, or put minimal prep in - just draw a line in to part of the dungeon saying "kobolds, traps" and improvise as the PCs approach. I feel comfortable enough with that approach that I can get a good game session in with it. But I don't know that it holds up in campaign play, because dungeons aren't generally one-shot and leave. They're explored over time, and that means having records of what's where and remembering what's changed (and what's stayed the same) since the last time players were in an area.

Any tips for dungeon construction and prep?

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