Thursday, December 6, 2012


This guy was originally called the Crystal Butterfly, but after some PCs encountered it, they dubbed it the Blooderfly instead.

Like this, but no amber in the wings.
Oh, and with a 30 foot wingspan.


Big-ass butterfly (30' wingspan) with crystalline wings that glitter beautifully. Too bad it's trying to drain your blood. 

No. Encountered: 1
Movement: 120' 
AC 5
HD 5
Attacks: Blood drain - gaze attack 2d6 dmg, save vs pet/poly for half damage. Blood comes out of someone's body in a thin red mist, goes into the butterfly's wings and makes them a nice pink. 
Balefire - After 3 successful drains, it can fire a balefire blast from its antennae - HDd8 blast damage in 20' radius, save vs BW for half, it's immune to its own blast. Balefire can sometimes generate/cause illnesses. 
Defenses: The Crystal Butterfly is immune to clerical magic, being a creature of the Bieth.
Morale: 8
XP: 5 HD: 800
6 HD: 1320
7 HD: 2040

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