Monday, July 1, 2013


The T160K project is soliciting donations to preserve manuscripts from the Timbuktu Library that were in danger of being destroyed during the recent conflicts in Mali. Folks went to great personal risk in order to safeguard these works and get them to a place of (relative) safety, but now the works are in danger of being damaged due to poor storage conditions.

Apparently they had an Indiegogo campaign that ended recently, which I had missed. But they can still use donations to preserve these works.

Given the inspirations for my setting and this blog, I feel like I ought to toss them a shoutout. If you can, try to chip in a few bucks over at their webpage. These guys would want you to.

Ibn Munqidh would probably even stop his intrigues against you*! (Dude loved books.)

*For an arbitrary amount of time. 

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